Firefighter, Dad, Pastor

For Derrick, a firefighter and pastor, and Laurel, a nurse practitioner, home is where they enjoy time with their kids and refresh themselves after working in high-intensity careers. But for them and so many others, clean air has never been more important. That’s why they put their confidence in Hathaspace air purifiers.

Whether it’s been a challenging shift at the fire department or a long day in the clinic, when Derrick and Laurel come home they know they are giving their family the cleanest air. Air that is free of allergens and other pollutants so that their family can live, play and sleep better.


"My favorite part about our Hathaspace air purifier, is our home doesn’t smell like our dog Dexter anymore!"

Derrick - Firefighter, Dad, Pastor

For the Millers, Hathaspace means a comfortable home.

The Hathaspace air purifier and its best-in-class True HEPA air-filtration technology guarantee that every Hathaspace home enjoys the cleanest air anywhere.

With a Filter Subscription, regular deliveries of new filters mean you can enjoy clean air, no smells and no particles, all the time.

Filter Subscriptions

New filters delivered to your door, right when you need them.



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Teaching children about hygiene starts with the air they breathe. That’s why Roylynne's classroom is home to a Hathaspace air purifier.

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