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Automate your filter replacement shipments and save 10% on filters for life

Why you should join the Filter Club:
Extended 5-year purifier warranty*
Save 10% on replacement filters
Automatic filter delivery, every 3 or 4 months
Always free shipping
No commitment, cancel or customize any time
How It works:
Breathe easy with our effortless filter subscription program
Select Your Purifier Model
Choose the model of your air purifier so we can show you all available filter options.
Select Your Filter and Shipment Interval
Pick the replacement filter that fits your needs and choose a shipment “Interval”.
Complete Your Order
And you’re a Filter Club member!
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“I love this product. It has given me peace of mind that the air my children are breathing in is safe.”
~ Daniel ~
“I love the filter club. My filters arrive right on time and I sleep better at night knowing my home air quality is always clean”
~ Samantha Green ~
Clean Air, Delivered to Your Door
Clean Air, Delivered to Your Door
Automate your deliveries, every 3 or 4 months
No commitments. Customize or cancel your subscription anytime
Any issues? Contact us and we’ll send you a free replacement.
Breathe Easy, Save More
Breathe Easy, Save More
Save 10% on replacement filters for life
Always free shipping
Extended purifier warranty
In case you missed anything:
How often will my replacement filters be delivered?

Replacement filters are delivered every 4 months from the date purchased. Based on average air quality levels and usage, replacing your air purifier filters every 4 months is recommended for optimal performance.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged every time your replacement filters are shipped out. You will receive an order confirmation via email.

How can I view my subscription orders?

You can view your active subscription orders at any time by visiting the Filter Club Subscription Portal. To access your account, log in using the email and password you created during checkout.

Can I cancel my subscription orders?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription orders at any time by visiting the filter club subscription portal. If you cancel your subscription, the 5-year warranty will no longer apply and your warranty will go back to the original extended warranty from the date of purchase.

Can I subscribe to replacement filters on amazon and receive the 5-year warranty?

Yes, subscribing to our filters on amazon also earns you the 5-year extended warranty. However, you must subscribe to Hathaspace-certified filters.

Which air purifier model is covered by the 5-year extended warranty?

The 5-year extended warranty is available for customers who purchased the HSP001 Smart True HEPA Air Purifier only. For the HSP002 model, the product automatically comes with an extended 5-year warranty and the filter club does not extend the warranty beyond that.

What does the warranty cover?

Under the warranty, Hathaspace will repair, replace, or refund any parts found to be defective due to manufacturer flaws. This warranty extends only to personal use and does not extend to any product that has been used for commercial use, rental use, or any other use in which the product is not intended for. There are no warranties other than that expressly set forth with each product. This warranty is non-transferable and does not cover cosmetic damage, wear and tear, damage resulting from abuse, misuse, loss of the unit, unauthorized repair, improper handling, or products purchased from an unauthorized retailer and distributor. This warranty will not cover consequential damages.

When does the warranty begin?

The extended 5- year warranty is applied from the date you purchased your air purifier and is only active if you maintain your subscription with Hathaspace. We recommend signing up for the filter club within 30 days of purchasing your air purifier to ensure you get the most out of your extended warranty and never miss out on filter replacements.

Does my subscription membership need to be active for my 5-year warranty to remain active?

Yes, in order to receive the benefits of the 5-year extended warranty, you will need to maintain your subscription membership.

Automate your filter replacements and start saving now.

*The extended 5-year warranty only applies to the HSP001 air purifier, as long as you are subscribed to the filter club. The HSP002 air purifier comes with a 5-year warranty that cannot be extended through the filter club

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