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Automate your filter replacement shipments and save 10% on filters for life

Why you should join the Filter Club:
Extended 5-year purifier warranty*
Save 10% on replacement filters
Automatic filter delivery, every 4 months
Always free shipping
No commitment, cancel or customise any time
How It works:
Breathe easy with our effortless filter subscription program
How It works:
Breathe easy with our effortless filter subscription program


Choose the model of your air purifier so we can show you all available filter options.



Pick the replacement filter that fits your needs and choose a shipment “Interval”.



And you’re a Filter Club member!


select your purifier select your purifier select your purifier

The filtration system that fits your life, business, or school

Family and Pets

For Derrick, a firefighter and pastor, and Laurel, a nurse practitioner, home is where they enjoy time with their kids and refresh themselves after working in high-intensity careers. But for them and so many others, purified air has never been ... Read More

Small Businesses

For Nicole, an entrepreneur and small business owner, her work is so much more than a job. Her salon is where clients come to look and feel better as they take a step away from outside world to take a moment for themselves. Nicole prides hersel... Read More

Elementary School

For Roylynne, keeping her students safe and providing them with a terrific education are her top priorities. In her class, teaching children the basics of hygiene starts with the air they breathe. That’s why her classroom is home to a Hathaspac... Read More


The filtration system that fits your life, business, or school


“I love this product. It has given me peace of mind that the air my children are breathing in is safe.”
“I love the filter club. My filters arrive right on time and I sleep better at night knowing my home air quality is always clean”
Samantha Green
Clean Air, Delivered to Your Door
Clean Air, Delivered to Your Door
Automate your deliveries, every 4 months
No commitments. Customize or cancel your subscription anytime
Any issues? Contact us and we’ll send you a free replacement.
Breathe Easy, Save More
Breathe Easy, Save More
Save 10% on replacement filters for life
Always free shipping
Extended purifier warranty
In case you missed anything:
How does the filter club work?

The filter club is our filter subscription program that gives subscribers the convenience of automatic filter deliveries when you want them, discounts on replacement filters, and an extended 5-year purifier warranty for as long as you are subscribed to the club. To sign up, visit our filter club page.

How often will I receive replacement filters?

Our filter subscription plan ships new filters to your door every 4 months.

When will I receive my first filter?

You will have the option to have your first filter delivered immediately or in 4 months. If you’d like your filter delivered in a different time period, you may choose the 4 month delivery option and email to change your first delivery date. Alternatively, you can log into your account and change your first delivery date

When will my card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged the moment you moment your filters are shipped. If you choose to have your filters shipped immediately, your card will be charged immediately and if you choose to have your filters deliered in 4months, your card wont be charged until then.

How can I view my subscription orders?

You can access your Filter Club account through the filter club login page here. If it is your first time logging in, you will need to create an account password using the email you used during checkout.

I already have filters but I want to schedule my first shipment in the future. How doI do this?

To schedule your first filter shipment in the future, simply choose the filter club plan that ships your filters in 4 months. If you would like your filters sooner or later than 4months, email with your order number and we can change your first delivery date. Alternatively, you can log into your account and manually change your first delivery and charge date.

If I subscribe on Amazon, am I still part of the club?

Customers can subscribe and save 5% on filters via Amazon, but the extended warranty is only available to those customers who enrolled via our website.

Does my subscription need to be active to maintain my extended warranty?

Yes, in order for your extended warranty to be active, you must maintain an active subscription plan and cannot choose a longer frequency than 4 months.

Can I pause or cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can modify, pause, or cancel your subscription at any time. However, the extended warranty will not apply if you pause, cancel, or change your frequency beyond 4 months.

Can I skip a shipment?

Yes, you may skip a shipment. However, in order for your extended warranty to remain active, you must have an active 3 or 4 month subscription, with no skipped or paused shipments.

When does my extended warranty begin?

The extended warranty begins from the date you purchased your air purifier and registered your product.

Do I get an extended warranty for the HSP002?

Our larger HSP002 air purifier model already comes with a 5-year warranty. The filter club does not extend it to 10 years.

What does the filter club warranty cover?

The filter club warranty covers everything our normal purifier warranty covers plus any issues with your filters.

I cannot seem to access my account. What do I do?

If you’ve created an account and are having trouble accessing it, or the website does not recognize the account, please email us at for your activation email. Once your account has been activated, you will be able to login to your account on our website under Filter Club > Account.

Automate your filter replacements and start saving now.

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