In Harmony

Our Story

The word "Hatha" is derived from two ancient Sanskrit words, “Ha” meaning sun and “Tha” meaning moon. Together, the word "Hatha" invokes a sense of balance, presence, and interconnectedness. Our sun and moon bring life, order, and beauty to the space around us. And they serve to connect us to our surroundings.

Hathaspace was born out of respect for these life-balancing forces and the space they create. Like the great oceans that are pushed and pulled by the moon or the fields of flowers that blossom together in the direction of the sun, the world is always expressing it's truths through nature.

We created Hathaspace to bring that sense of connection and balance into your space. And we decided to start with perhaps our most powerful sense of perception: our sense of smell.

Aroma has the power to transform a space around you. It transcends form and definition, often bringing you back in time through its effect on memory or beyond through its power to transport you somewhere else. Put quite simply, aroma takes you places. 

We knew that to really transform a space through aroma and connect you to nature, we had to figure out a way to produce a scent that resembled nature in its most pure form. The aroma needed to be delivered to our senses inside a space as it would in nature and needed to be delivered in a way that could be controlled.

Thanks to an endless obsession with scent, humans can capture the essence of almost every living plant in the form of essential oils. Known not only to be great therapeutic agents, the essential oils of different plants have an incredible aroma that can transport you to the very environment where they came from. 

Harnessing the power of diffusion technology, we discovered a way to deliver the aroma of essential oils in its most natural form. Essential oils, being volatile aromatic compounds, can easily change from their liquid state to gas at room temperature. Utilizing ultrasonic vibration, we can break apart the bonds between water molecules and essential oil molecules, producing a cool vapor mist filled with the sweet aroma of the essential oil. 

And so our story begins in 2017 with our very first initiative: to make one-of-a-kind diffusers that capture and produce the purest form of aroma from essential oils. Bringing together technology and design, we began our journey by creating a beautiful diffuser that captures the eyes, the nose, and soul.

With every diffuser, we strive to transform the modern space into something more real, interconnected, and sensational. Like the moon and sun that inspires us, our mission is to connect you to your surroundings in a more organic and intimate way. Aroma is too often overlooked. And we hope to change that. 

At Hathaspace, we take pride in our workmanship and value our customers. We promise to bring you products that will transform your space and we are fully committed to ensuring our products live up to their name. If you would like to reach out to one of our team members, feel free to email us at